Who I Am, Why I’m Here, and What This is All About

For those who don’t know me, I’m a 28 year old trans woman by the name of Caitlin. I served 7 years on active duty in the military, and am still serving in the reserves for a couple more months. I begin classes again in the fall with a major in psychology, with a likely minor in gender (women’s) studies once we get things situated there. I am a walking enigma, capable of incredible snark and incredible seriousness, and sometimes difficult to discern which I am being. But that’s human nature, isn’t it.

I wanted to create this blog for a number of reasons. First, I love the work Matt Kailey does over at his site, Tranifesto, and I suggest anyone interested in reading my stuff also go read his. However, Matt regularly is asked a trans woman specific question and has to say that since he’s not a trans woman, he can only give his opinion and leave it to his trans women readers to help answer. So now, we have a trans woman’s “Dear Abby” ish site. Ask Caitlin as it were. I love the work Matt does (and hope to meet him in person some day, he lives not far from where I grew up and regularly return home to), and am a bit jealous that he got the cooler blog name, but first come and all that.

Also, while Matt does have a lot of experience that I do not, I also have experiences that he does not. He’s the same generation as my parents, and the experiences of trans people from that generation can be very different from those of us from younger generations. I’m still new to the physical aspects of my transition (despite having done much of the mental and emotional for years prior), while he’s been actively on T since before I knew what the word transgender was. He’s a gay man, I’m an asexual (but panromantic) woman. I served in the military during the time that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was going out the window, but we trans folk were still being refused open service, while I don’t believe that he ever served. Neither of our experiences are better or worse than the other, just different, though one of us may have experience or advice more applicable to one question than another.

If you’re wondering why I picked a picture of a butterfly for my opening post, it’s very much related to what this blog is about and the goals for it, as well as for us as a whole. Butterflies are a pride symbol for the trans community, representing the metamorphosis we go through to become ourselves. I want this blog to be able to help others become their truly beautiful selves, inside and out, as well as share my own transition and experiences with it. We are constantly transitioning throughout our lives. It’s not just the physical, because we are constantly evolving and changing. I will discuss issues mostly related to gender issues and the trans communities, but I will also cover aspects of sexuality, politics, LGBT, etc. as they apply to myself or my readers. I will be updating Tuesdays and Fridays, though I don’t have a set time yet for when the posts will go up yet.

Let’s hear from you. What do you want to know? What advice or suggestions do you have for me? What would you like to see?


6 responses to “Who I Am, Why I’m Here, and What This is All About

    • Good question and blogged on it today. And now that I have the Ask Caitlin thing up and working, you and others are free to ask me things there if you feel the need to maintain some privacy but still have my answer be public.

    • I completely agree. The unfortunate side of things is that since Matt’s blog is such a unique one, I drew most of my inspiration from it and thus I sometimes feel like I’m just copying him. In time, I’ll draw inspiration from others as well as finding my own style and feel and the similarities in look and wording will disappear, but in the meantime… yeah. Sorry Matt if you’re bothered by how much it looks like your site! It will change in time.

      • You’ve got to start somewhere, I’m sure you’ll find your voice and it’ll evolve with you (that’s what happened to me).

  1. Great to see such a great start to what looks like an exciting blog!
    What’s it like to be an asexual woman in such a sexually focussed world?

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