Petitions, Politics, and Transition

Someone linked this petition to me a couple nights ago, and I feel the need to address it. Partially because I’m pretty sure I know the person who started it (I live in the same town, and it’s a small college town so I know a good sized portion of the trans community here), and partially because this petition nonsense is getting out of hand.

But first, let me address the issue for those not in the know. The White House has a site set up called “We the People” specifically for people to create petitions on issues they feel are important. These are issues like requesting that the government severs all ties with Uganda and passes sanctions on said country if they do pass the “kill the gays” bill in the next few weeks as they have promised. These petitions have 30 days to get 25,000 signatures, and if they do so, then the administration will look at the issue and address it.

The day after elections last week, members of certain states began petitioning for their states to secede from the Union. It has snowballed, and now every state has such a petition in place. Not only that, but there are petitions to deport the people who sign the secession petitions, and people creating petitions for their city to secede from their state. Plus there are petitions now for everything, from impeaching Obama (which will not remove him from office as everyone thinks, Clinton was impeached and he still served his full term), to recounting the votes, to getting genital reconstructive surgery paid for.

You all do know this isn’t going to accomplish anything, right? I mean, don’t get me wrong. As an activist message, it works okay, saying that we want coverage. But that’s about all it says, that we want surgery paid for. Literally, it’s just one sentence. Hell, I’d like for health insurance companies to provide coverage for me to get genital reconstructive surgery. Thing is, some of them do already, but not all. If you want health insurance to cover it, then look into which companies provide it and get it from them. Some employers cover it too.

Additionally, this petition mess is getting insane, and is petitioning for things that the administration can’t do. If there’s one thing to be learned from the Civil War, legally speaking, it is that secession is illegal. Additionally, health care is not the domain of the executive branch of government. Yes, we all know about the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, but he didn’t pass that as a law. He suggested it to congress and pushed for it as something he wanted to have passed. Congress could have said no and denied the program. The legislative branch are the ones who make laws, not the White House administration.

Speaking of Obamacare, you do realize that it’s the beginning of socialized medicine, right? Which means, in time, yes, all of our medical care will be covered. However, much like nations such as Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands have socialized medicine that is high quality, which they pay high taxes for, and we would need to do the same. We would need to raise taxes to afford this kind of care, so in essence we’re still paying for it. Obamacare does not force people to buy healthcare, as its opponents would have you believe. It provides health care for those who do not have it from other sources, but requires payment for it much as any other healthcare, no matter where in the world you live. Additionally, in many of these countries, privatized medicine still exists for those who wish to avoid the lines and can afford to do so. Thus, it is not an attack on the private sector as the conservative right would have you believe.

If you want for all health care providers to cover something, then you need to push for socialized medicine, not poorly made petitions like this one. Because trying to get the government to tell health care providers what services they have to give is like trying to get the government to tell Microsoft to make a decent version of Windows or Internet Explorer. It is not the domain of the government.

Now, my fellow political junkies may chip in their two cents on this matter, but I doubt they’ll disagree too much. They may have their differing opinions on the best way to go about it (because that’s what politics is really about, discussing and debating solutions to a problem to find the best one), but I doubt any will disagree with me that this petition will accomplish nothing.

Can we seriously stop petitioning the White House for stuff that will go nowhere now? I mean, seriously, when you have people petitioning for their city to secede from their state in response to people in their state petitioning for their state to secede (and neither group understanding that the one, guaranteed legal ramification from the Civil War was that secession is illegal), it has become a problem. If you want the government to accomplish stuff, then quit wasting their time and resources on stuff they can’t do anything about. Learn how the government works if you want to use the system.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter?


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