Busy Busy Busy

Butterfly WomanAs I mentioned last post, I have been extremely busy the past few months. Things have picked up with the queer youth center I volunteer at, with me being there more nights a week, and beginning to start teaching self-defense there as well. In addition to that, we’ve had a number of special events, such as going to the state capital last week with several other queer organizations in the state to lobby to our representatives (the Texas state legislature is only in session for 140 days in every odd numbered year).

Beyond the youth center, I’ve also stepped up a lot in a couple of trans organizations here of late, one for people in the college student age range whose former president stepped down (I was in a relationship for a time with the current president), the other is for all trans folk and I do outreach to them for the other groups in the area. I’ve also been trying to start a group in the town I live in so that college students don’t have to drive 45 minutes down to Dallas for the localish groups. I’ve also taken part in a transgender panel locally just a week ago, educating members of the leather community about transgender issues.

Above and beyond the trans issues, I’ve been an active member in a new GSA at my school that actually takes part in activism rather than just being a social group. I’ve also been part of a research team gathering information and resources for the school’s sexual assault and domestic violence prevention program. Finally, I’ve begun volunteering with the local crisis center, and I moved.

To say that I got caught up in the whirlwind of things is an understatement, but I’m back, and starting Friday can begin commenting on all things queer and feminist, and maybe just some interesting points here or there.


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