What Is Wrong With This Country?

Angry Gamer GirlToday I weep for our country, and for equality. Yes, I’m making two posts today. Why? Because this article just passed through my feed. What is happening here in our country? I understand that we often have conflicts between the more frenzied ends of the political spectrum (both the rabid liberals and the rabid conservatives), but usually reason wins out, or we at least maintain some form of homeostasis where things don’t get worse. This week though, things are just… wow. This one actually passed, and just needs the governor to sign it.

If you’re in North Dakota, or know anyone who is, I urge you to let the governor know that this kind of law is too far. It even prevents in vitro fertilization. Failing that, we can only hope the Supreme Court slams this law down for going against Roe v Wade. But for that to happen, it has to be challenged and taken up through the appeals process. That could take years.

Whether you agree with abortion for yourself or not, no one should have the right to make that decision for another. If we don’t have equality for all, we have equality for none. Let’s hope this is the last rant I need today.


One response to “What Is Wrong With This Country?

  1. Ok, a bit of an update to this. The law is not going to the governor’s desk, but to the voters in November. Slightly better. Encourage all people you know in North Dakota to reject this when voting comes about.

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