A Busy Day

Butterfly WomanSome of you may have noticed that I had a link to the right for my surgery fund, and that the link has now changed. I’ve been working on my taxes this week and because I was technically self-employed last year (I worked as a consultant to a defense contractor), not only do I owe money from the federal taxes that weren’t withheld from my pay, but I need to pay the same amount as additional “self-employment taxes.” To say that I’m frustrated by this is an understatement, as the kind of money I owe is enough to pay for bottom surgery.

So today, I’m working on updating my resume and applying for jobs. I can pay my taxes back over a five year period, making monthly payments, but I need to get a paying job for the rest of the school year, and a second (and possibly third) job for over the summer. So today, I leave you with this bit of wisdom from the one and only Amanda Palmer.

As she suggests, I’m standing here with my hat, humbly asking my readers to show their support and help make donations to my GoFundMe through that link (or you can find it here). I hope to be able to continue this blog over the summer, but I can’t guarantee that it will be of the same quality, or even regular. I may have to reduce it to once a week posting for the summer. I will still be able to continue blogging twice a week until about mid-May, and in the fall, I will probably be able to bring it back to twice a week.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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