Transgender Employment

Angry Gamer GirlHey all. Been a couple weeks because I’ve been super busy. Turns out, about an hour after I made my last post, I got a call for an interview for a job. The very next day, I got a call for another interview at a second place, and interviewed for the first. The next day (Thursday), I did the second interview and got job offers from both jobs. So I’ve been starting work and getting settled into a new routine, an overnight one.

While I’m surprised with how quickly it went, I did run into some other issues due to being trans, issues that others run into regularly as well. At my first night at the first job, I went to the customer service desk and the people behind it used the radio to call up my trainer to come get me, and at first called me she, then corrected themselves to calling me he and kept referring to me as a guy. The rest of the crew I work with are usually pretty good about treating me as a woman, but I have had a few other hiccups from people calling me Sir or the like.

At the other job, things were even worse my first night. My trainer asked me “so, where does Caitlin come from?” in an attempt to figure out how a guy has such a name. After I explained that I’m a girl, he was kind of weirded out. Then later, in the same evening, I heard him and some of the others speaking about me. “Maybe she’s one of those girl boys, hermaphrodites, or something.” They kept kept talking about me some more before my trainer came back to train me some more.

Unfortunately, the second job doesn’t have gender identity included in the non-discrimination policy, so I can’t do much about it. I’m hoping I can get full time soon so I can drop one of the jobs, but there are problems with both, problems that are common to trans people. I hope that one day soon, these kinds of problems will become a thing of the past, but that may not happen in my life time. We have to keep working for it.

Next time, I answer someone’s question!


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