An End, and a New Beginning

QuestionToday’s post marks the last one I will be doing as a journal entry for my class. Rather than going into the issue of trans legal issues (which I could still go on about, and likely will at some point in the future), this one is supposed to be about what I took from the class. Honestly, I had a lot of fun with this class, particularly with our final presentations. My group covered the topic of performance art as a form of activism, and each member drew on the inspiration of an activist or group we liked, and in my case, I drew on the style of Kate Bornstein, particularly hir (Kate prefers the ze/hir/hirs pronouns) play, Hidden: A Gender. I took the part of Doc Grinder, serving as the MC for the whole group’s presentation, announcing each person’s skit.

Also, I did take away some from the readings and the viewings. Particularly, I’m glad to have had a chance to go over the manifestos. Some I’d read before, others were new to me. Regardless, it’s always interesting to see the world through the eyes of another, to gain a new perspective on the injustices in the world. Additionally, it helps to find a new way to put into words my own perspective, enabling me to better address these issues. One of the critiques of activism I brought up during our presentation was the issue of “preaching to the choir.” Specifically, the fact that often the only ones who receive a message and understand it are those who already agree with the point of view of the activist. I’ve struggled with this feeling in the past, and these kinds of readings have helped me regain the desire to fight the good fight.

Additionally, we watched a video by Dean Spade, and I’m pretty sure I’ve made it clear by now that I love me some Dean Spade. Dean Spade is always awesome, and I’d always recommend checking his stuff. Also look into the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, which he runs. Even before I knew of him and his work, I already agreed with his views. I’ve known that having laws in place doesn’t actually change anything, especially not without enforcement. All in all, it was a good semester.


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