About Caitlin

Just who is this girl?

Caitlin is a transsexual woman who came out of the closet and began transition (mental and emotional) back in 2000, and began the physical aspects of transition in 2011.  She served 7 years on active duty in the military, and served in the reserves for another year.  She is now attending school full time as a psych major with a minor in gender/women’s studies.

Why does she think she knows so much?

Caitlin has been an activist (though closeted with work) since her high school days, having been the co-president of one of the oldest high school GSAs (Gay Straight Alliances) in the country during her senior year of high school.  She has also served as a speaker to high school classes on the subjects of transgender, transsexuality, and crossdressing, as well as been one of the activists who fought back against the early 2012 Girl Scout boycott against a transgender girl. She has spent years as a victim advocate with survivors of sexual assault, and takes part in outreach and education programs for all aspects of the queer community.


2 responses to “About Caitlin

  1. Thank you from another Vet 7 active, 7 National Guard.. Please keep in touch with me. A new girl/ woman as I was meant to be

  2. Caitlin your “About” is captivating. You seem to have a wonderful kind heart and i very much look forward to reading your work.

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