About Transendent Lives

Welcome to Transendent Lives, a blog offering information and opinions about transgender, transsexual, and asexual issues. Transendent Lives is meant to get the readers engaged in discussion as well as sharing information, enabling us to educate one another and hopefully show the lighter side of a difficult way of life.  And yes, I know the proper spelling is transcendent, I chose the spelling transendent specifically because this is a trans blog.

If you’re curious about the header pic, I took it from a shirt I bought at Zazzle.  If you’d like one for yourself, you can find the shirt here (as my necessary disclaimer that I am not the creator of the wonderful phrase and picture).

About Language

Some of the words I use may be hard to follow for those who are not familiar with terms used within the various queer communities, and I have included a basic queer dictionary here to help those people out.  Sometimes, my advice may be a bit abrasive.  Tact is something I know that I struggle with, but I will try to be as honest but also as gentle as possible.

About Me

I am a transsexual woman who has been transitioning mentally, emotionally, and socially since 2000, and began my physical transition in 2011.  I am a former airman (Air Force term, soldiers are Army), local level activist, and current college student.  For more information about me, click here.

A Word About Comments and Questions

I welcome all comments and questions, and will try to address them in a timely manner.  The nature of my studies and activism as well as the location means that I often am busy and it may take me a bit of time to answer, especially if I have a lot of readers asking questions at once.  I will however get back to you when I get the chance.


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