Flying While Trans

Butterfly WomanIt’s been far too long. Admin stuff aside first, I’m going to have to find a better day of the week to do posts and the like than Fridays, as I’m usually working on the weekends. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, as I typically have one of those days off. Either way, I’ll figure it out. On that note, there will probably be no post next week either. I’m going to be spending the latter half of the week on a business trip, and as my laptop is permanently dead, I’m using a desktop to make all my posts. Won’t be bringing it with me. Business trips however bring me to today’s topic of discussion.

If you’ve gone through the news lately, you’ve possibly seen this story about the former Navy SEAL being embarassed by the TSA during her flight screening because she’s trans. Sadly, while this event is new, it’s an old story. More specifically, trans people being harassed by the TSA (or airport security in other countries) simply because we’re trans. Continue reading


On Trans Porn

Butterfly WomanSo, as I may have mentioned, I now work in a porn store. As you might imagine, we have a section of DVDs dedicated to transgender actresses, labeled as “shemale” porn. As you might imagine, I have some mixed views on this, so let me discuss them in detail.

First off, I fully support that there is an industry of porn for trans women to star in. As the rules of the internet tell us, if it exists out there, there is porn of it (rule 34), and if there isn’t porn of it, then it will be created (rule 35). We are already going to be fetishized, no matter what, so if there are those who want to make money off of that industry who happen to be trans, such as the actresses, then I fully support them. At the same time, I will admit to being made uncomfortable with it on a regular basis, just based on the level of fetishization that occurs, including on the boxes. Continue reading

Head Issues

Butterfly WomanSorry I’ve been quiet the past few weeks, everyone. My head has been messed up, and getting worse. My roomie took me to the ER a couple nights ago because of it. Basically, I’ve been experiencing a lot of the same symptoms I did when I got my concussion, but I haven’t had a fall or anything else that should trigger it. The docs at the ER think it’s “benign positional vertigo,” basically a fancy way of saying I get dizzy from standing up. Except it happens sitting or lying down as well. Either way, the past couple days since that diagnosis, I’ve stayed home and rested. I can’t do much (even a couple small tasks like loading the dishwasher and picking up my prescription yesterday were too much), so I’ve been mostly relaxing and watching Netflix. Today, it’s been the first few episodes of season 1 of The Flash. Continue reading

Black is Always the New Black

Butterfly WomanHey all, sorry I missed last week’s post. Orange is the New Black season 3 came out on Friday, and I’ve spent the last week marathoning through it as best I can to write about it today. There will be spoilers, obviously, so if you haven’t finished it, go do that and then come back. However, before I get to season 3, I wanted to address Orange is the New Black isn’t accurate little article that came through my feed earlier this week. For those who haven’t read it, it’s basically a list of four ways in which OitNB misrepresents women’s prisons in this country. Well, some of these criticisms are accurate, but some are based on information we simply don’t know. So let’s address those before addressing stuff from the new season. Continue reading

An End, and a New Beginning

QuestionToday’s post marks the last one I will be doing as a journal entry for my class. Rather than going into the issue of trans legal issues (which I could still go on about, and likely will at some point in the future), this one is supposed to be about what I took from the class. Honestly, I had a lot of fun with this class, particularly with our final presentations. My group covered the topic of performance art as a form of activism, and each member drew on the inspiration of an activist or group we liked, and in my case, I drew on the style of Kate Bornstein, particularly hir (Kate prefers the ze/hir/hirs pronouns) play, Hidden: A Gender. I took the part of Doc Grinder, serving as the MC for the whole group’s presentation, announcing each person’s skit. Continue reading

The Government Sucks

Angry Gamer GirlIt’s been a bit thanks to finals and broken laptop, but there is a bright side. First, all of my finals save one are done, which I will be taking on Monday. Second, the part to fix my laptop should be arriving today or tomorrow, so I should be able to fix it (I hope). That said, I plan on getting in three posts this week: one today, one tomorrow, and one Friday. We’ll see if I manage to pull it off.

Anyways, today after my final, I stopped at the local tax commissioner’s office to change my vehicle title and registration over from Georgia to Texas. While there, the woman helping me started out by calling me Ma’am, recognizing my presentation as female. However, during the course of asking how my being a vet affected the fees (it dropped the plate fee and let me get a custom veteran plate), I had to show her my DD-214, otherwise known as my separation paperwork. After she saw this and my name change paperwork, she changed to calling me Sir, though she did apologize for it when I corrected her. I bring this story up for a reason. Continue reading

Our Own Failings

Butterfly WomanMany of you probably noticed that I failed to post last week, and am really late with today’s post as well. Well, that’s in large part because a lot of things have been happening. Last week, I started therapy for my borderline personality traits (not sure if I’m full on disorder or just borderline for it), as well as massive financial aid difficulties. This week, I started class finally, and it has been a DRAIN on my time. However, things should get settled back down soon and I’ll see about being more prompt in the future. Anyways, on to today’s topic.

I’m racist, sexist, ableist, etc., and so are you. Whoa, don’t go running off or ranting at me just yet. Yes, this is bad and we should feel bad, but I’m not comparing us to the Klan, Neo-Nazi’s, the Gamergate crowd, or any other such “figureheads” of hate. What I’m saying is that I was raised in a society where racism, sexism, etc. are institutionalized and a very fabric of our culture. Like it or not, we’ve been affected by these influences, and we all carry some form of those ideas within us, even if it is just awareness of them. This does not mean that we act on these ideas, merely that they are part of the culture that makes us who we are. Continue reading