(Hopefully) Temporary Absence

Hey folks. Sorry I’ve been absent for the past few weeks (though I guess you’ve come to expect it from me by now). My laptop is totally dead, won’t recognize that it’s plugged in and charge. So, until I can fix/replace it, posting from me is going to be a lot more sporadic. Even today’s non-post is being done on my roomie’s desktop amidst doing homework. Hopefully things will be working again soon.


Quiet Day

Butterfly WomanHey folks.  No real update today.  Had an exhausting session in therapy yesterday, and my neighborhood is triggering my PTSD a lot with fireworks and actual gunfire.  I love the irony of us celebrating a holiday based on the fight for our independence via means of tiny explosions which trigger PTSD in our combat veterans.  Also, I’m busy working on my midterm essay for class, and all of my remaining energy is directed at that.  I’ll be back next week, with more in-depth analyses of video games.  I’m even considering doing a two-parter next week, comparing two games (or one game compared to a series of games) that are in many ways polar opposites, and yet both uphold some form of feminist ideals.  Until then, stay safe.

A New Series: Feminist Perspectives on Media

Butterfly WomanHey all. Just writing a quick note here to let you all know that starting Monday, I’ll begin writing a weekly series on here where I take a feminist perspective to some of my guilty pleasure games, shows, and films. I’ll not only show where they fail, but I’ll also show where they excel. Some of them will surprise you when I bring up some of the feminist aspects, as two I can think of off the top of my head are widely regarded as being misogynistic. I personally disagree, and we’ll see soon how it goes. So look forward to a new post on Monday morning!

Absence and Sickness

Hey all. As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent of late. part of that is because I’ve been really really sick, part of it is due to finals coming up and all of the big projects. I do however have something in the works for here, a nice big project with some educational aspects of our history, and it should be up by Friday or maybe next Tuesday. In the meantime, enjoy this picture I drew for a project in my women’s studies class.

The End Result of Societal Stereotypes of Trans People as Deceivers

I used the 2004 TDoR Webcomics Project comics from Misfile (Chris Hazelton) and Venus Envy (Erin Lindsey) as the basis for my work, and the individuals in it are my partners.