Is Japan Racist? An Answer to Gaijin Goombah

QuestionSo, I’ve made it no secret that I watch a lot of YouTube channels like Extra Credits (I even helped pay for Alison’s surgery when they asked for help a while back), Game Theory, Culture Shock, and so on. Recently, I was watching a video over on Gaijin Goombah’s channel where he was talking about the recent outrage over Overwatch’s skins, with them being accused of being a form of cultural appropriation. While he made some good points in that video that I agree with, I’ve also disagreed with him on many issues in the past. Linked in that video was one from back in June where he tried to tackle the question of if anime (and by extension, Japan) is racist. He makes a lot of good points, and I’ll link the video below, but this is an example of one of those times when I disagree with him. Continue reading


The Realities of Jessica Jones

Butterfly WomanI wanted today to be a nice, light-hearted discussion of a return to our roots. I was gonna talk about why this blog exists, why I keep going despite all the problems, etc., and I was even going to talk about the new Facebook page (can be found here or linked on the right) where I share so much more that comes through my Facebook feed. But instead, I’m going to be talking about something depressing. Part of this is because I’ve been dealing with some severe depression the past week and barely even want to write today, but as I told a friend this past week who was asking for blog advice, even when you don’t want to write, that is sometimes the best time to do so. Continue reading

Taking a Breather

Butterfly WomanJust in the last week, we’ve had two more trans women murdered here in the States. Last Friday night, Bri Golec was stabbed to death by her father, who left her body out on the porch and made a false 911 call saying that they were attacked by members of a cult that his “son” supposedly belonged to. And just a couple days ago, Christina Grant Infiniti in Miami was murdered by her boyfriend. This one has barely been acknowledged, even by media sources that would normally cover these murders, such as the Advocate. Couple this with the fact that on Wednesday, I had a hostile (but thankfully not violent) encounter in the ladies room on campus, and I need a few days for myself. I’ve even skipped my LGBT studies and activism classes for this week because of this, and my professors were told why before either class. As such, I’m not going to really write much today. Instead, I leave you with a couple of essays I wrote about a year or so ago for a human sexuality class, discussing the media influences that existed while I was growing up, and what I would like to see changed. Think of these in light of the recent murders that sometimes, more knowledge of a topic, or more visibility, is not always a good thing. I risk my life every day just by being open and honest. As Laverne Cox said during her speech, there isn’t a moment when I leave my home that I don’t wonder if I’ll be coming home at the end of the day alive.

I’ll be back next week. Stay safe out there. Continue reading

My Tranifesto

Butterfly WomanIt’s been a couple weeks since I last wrote here, in large part because I’ve been too sick/in pain to do much. I’ve also started going back to school, and one of my classes this semester is a history and theory of activism class. This coming week, we’re doing readings over a number of famous and infamous manifestos of other groups. These include The Woman-Identified Woman (an early lesbian-feminist manifesto), the SCUM Manifesto (an extreme pro-female anti-male manifesto), and the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto. One of our ongoing assignments through the class is to have an “activism journal” where we discuss our learning from the class as well as our experiences with activism/volunteering over the course of the semester. So this week, I’m going to do my first post of such, a manifesto of my own (a tranifesto if you will, in honor of the late Matt Kailey). Continue reading

Our Own Failings

Butterfly WomanMany of you probably noticed that I failed to post last week, and am really late with today’s post as well. Well, that’s in large part because a lot of things have been happening. Last week, I started therapy for my borderline personality traits (not sure if I’m full on disorder or just borderline for it), as well as massive financial aid difficulties. This week, I started class finally, and it has been a DRAIN on my time. However, things should get settled back down soon and I’ll see about being more prompt in the future. Anyways, on to today’s topic.

I’m racist, sexist, ableist, etc., and so are you. Whoa, don’t go running off or ranting at me just yet. Yes, this is bad and we should feel bad, but I’m not comparing us to the Klan, Neo-Nazi’s, the Gamergate crowd, or any other such “figureheads” of hate. What I’m saying is that I was raised in a society where racism, sexism, etc. are institutionalized and a very fabric of our culture. Like it or not, we’ve been affected by these influences, and we all carry some form of those ideas within us, even if it is just awareness of them. This does not mean that we act on these ideas, merely that they are part of the culture that makes us who we are. Continue reading

My Little Feminist

My Little FeministOk, sorry this is later than planned. This weekend was INSANELY busy here. Daddy got invited to a housewarming for a coworker (or former coworker), and it was something like an hour drive out of the way. Then yesterday, we were out a lot doing the shopping, plus painting the front deck, and yeah, busy. In addition to that, I hadn’t yet decided which thing to start with, so I decided to go with one that’s a little less controversial to start this thread going. Today, I’ll be talking about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I know I said that these would be my guilty pleasures, but there is no guilt in my pleasure over this show. Yeah, a lot of people think it’s weird that a 30 year old likes it, but screw them. This show is awesome. And yes, there has been controversy over it from the feminist sector, such as this post on the Ms. Magazine blog. However, a great thing happened. Lauren Faust, creator of the new MLP series, came across that post, read it over, and then responded with her own post on the Ms. Magazine site, discussing her intentions behind the series. Continue reading

On Depression and Other Disabilities

I just this past weekend finally came out of a two week long major depressive phase. I’ve made no secret of my suffering from PTSD and depression in the past, and the thing is, a lot of LGBT people suffer from one or both of these as well. We suffer from a lot of discrimination, often from our own families, and this forces us to adapt as best we can. So I thought I would talk about these some today.

One of the contributing factors for my depression was the fact that I was working on a very unpleasant topic all semester for a research project, and we were finishing everything up with it. Dori, I, and two others worked together on researching sexual assault amongst the LGBT community, and one of the articles that both Dori and I found was one titled Victimization Over the Life Span: A Comparison of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Siblings by Kimberly F. Balsam, Esther D. Rothblum, and Theodore P. Beauchaine. In it, they interviewed siblings where one was queer and the other heterosexual, and what was clearly found was that even in cases where both siblings were abused, the queer sibling had the worst of it even before they had come to accept their own identity. Continue reading