Special Tuesday Edition!

Angry Gamer GirlOk, so I missed last week, and I didn’t go into too much depth the week before because of the issues I was facing, so this week, I’ll be doing two posts, one today, the other on my normal Friday slot. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also using this blog as my journal for my activism class this semester, so I’ve been trying to stick more to my topic of legal issues trans people face than going off on some of my other, more colorful (and fun) discussions about gaming and the like. However, I think I can tie in some examples of gaming to my topic for today. Buckle yourselves in, because it is NOT going to be a happy one today. Lots of difficult stuff to discuss. Also, spoilers for any games I bring up today. You have been warned. Continue reading


National Hug A Lesbian Day

Hey all! I know I’ve been away for a while, and I have good reasons, which I’ll talk about some next post, but I am back. Today though is not about my absence. Today is National Hug a Lesbian Day! I’m glad we have holidays like this, and I think we should make it international. So to all my girl-loving sisters out there in the queer family, here’s a hug for you. Spread the love, and maybe one day we’ll have a “hug queer guys” day too! We need to take more opportunities to celebrate our community, and days like today are a good start. See you all Tuesday, and have a good weekend!

Gone But Not Forgotten

This weekend, I found out that my family has begun avoiding me. At first I thought it was because they wanted nothing more to do with me anymore, a common enough occurrence amongst the trans community. It turns out that they’re avoiding me because they somehow no longer know how to talk to me, which is also fairly common, so I felt like addressing these two extreme responses today.

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Past References and How to Do It Right

Another late post due to travel yesterday. The trip went well and I was pleasantly surprised at how accepting my family was and how much effort they made to try and adjust to my transition. That’s not to say there weren’t hiccups, there were, and that’s actually what I want to address today.

My family went kind of back and forth on use of my old male name and my true female name, but still used male pronouns. This is kind of to be expected, pronouns are usually the last thing people change because of how fundamental gender is to us. However, there was one incident where my grandparents, my dad, his wife, and I were all sitting around, and stories were being told about when I was little. My grandma started out by using my male name, then caught herself and said “well, you’re Caitlin now, but you were [insert old male name] back then, so anyway…” and continued her story, using my old name. This really stood out to me. If she hadn’t caught herself and just continued her story, sure I would’ve noticed, but I would’ve accepted it as part of her still adjusting. But she did catch herself, and she made a justification to keep using the wrong name. Continue reading

Coming Out, Again and Again, Over and Over

Later this week, and all through this weekend, I’ll be visiting my dad. This is going to be the first time he’s seen me since I started hormone therapy almost a year ago (I saw him last about 2 months before starting). And in all honesty, I’m nervous about this trip, not knowing what to expect from him, not knowing how he’ll react. Sure, I came out when I was 16, 12 years ago, but there’s a world of difference between saying “I’m trans” and it finally being visible as I change from his son into his daughter, in his eyes. Continue reading