D Cups, Full of Justice

A running joke about the new Tomb Raider reboot/prequel compared to the older games.

A running joke about the new Tomb Raider reboot/prequel compared to the older games.

Way back in December, I started a new series talking about diverse characters in gaming, with an intended particular focus on strong, realistic depictions of women, both done well, and where they are failed. I mentioned that one such example I would cover would be the case of Samus Aran, who has always been an amazing female character, done right in every game, until she was ruined in Other M. That discussion is not for today, but today I will be getting back into that series. And what better way to do so than by talking about breasts!

No, seriously, breasts are going to be a major part of today’s topic. Continue reading


Health Concerns for the Transgender Community

BHWI_logoRGBWith all the discrimination and uncomfortable topics we’ve seen in the news of late, I felt the need to do a happier post today. And since last week was national LGBT health awareness week, let’s combine the two.

Health concerns are important to think about as trans folk. Trans men need to manage their weight before they can start on testosterone due to health concerns, and trans women are more likely to put on weight once we start on hormones. Likewise, we both need to exercise more once we get started: trans men to build muscle and trans women to minimize muscle loss. I know a lot of trans women who don’t want to keep muscle for fear of looking like body builders, but the fact is that muscle helps prevent the buildup of fat. We’ll still build fat in the important areas, but working out helps prevent the extraneous fat we put on. Continue reading

The Gatekeeper Process and the Issues That Come From It

There are two posts today. Read the other here.

So lately, I’ve been trying to get the local Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital to start covering the costs of my transition like they’re supposed to, and running into a lot of issues. Basically, I’ve been forced to go through the gatekeeper process again. For those who don’t know what that means, the gatekeeper process is the series of doctors, therapists, lawyers, and approvals we have to go through in order to transition. It’s so named because it’s essentially a series of gates we strive to go through, and before each gate is someone blocking the way, determining if we can go further. Continue reading

Coming Out, Again and Again, Over and Over

Later this week, and all through this weekend, I’ll be visiting my dad. This is going to be the first time he’s seen me since I started hormone therapy almost a year ago (I saw him last about 2 months before starting). And in all honesty, I’m nervous about this trip, not knowing what to expect from him, not knowing how he’ll react. Sure, I came out when I was 16, 12 years ago, but there’s a world of difference between saying “I’m trans” and it finally being visible as I change from his son into his daughter, in his eyes. Continue reading