Evolving Sexuality

QuestionAbout a week ago, an acquaintance of mine asked me a question about how being asexual works with being in the leather lifestyle. This is an interesting question with multiple levels that I could answer, though I only addressed one level when answering this person. The thing that I explained was that the question being asked was a sort of variation of the “how do you have sex?” question that a lot of trans people and lesbians receive. There’s this assumption that being leather is all about kinky sex, the play aspects that everyone sees in movies and books and TV. Continue reading


Some Tips For Pride For Heteronormative Cis Folks

I’m actually typing this up on Sunday night, right after I got home from our local pride parade while it’s still fresh, but you all won’t see it posted until Tuesday. Anyway, as I said, I just got home from my first ever pride parade (we do it in September instead of June here in Texas because of the summer heat), and for the most part, it was a positive experience. However, about halfway through or so, something kind of disturbing happened, and I wanted to discuss it, and give some advice out there for those who aren’t queer in some way. Continue reading