On Trans Porn

Butterfly WomanSo, as I may have mentioned, I now work in a porn store. As you might imagine, we have a section of DVDs dedicated to transgender actresses, labeled as “shemale” porn. As you might imagine, I have some mixed views on this, so let me discuss them in detail.

First off, I fully support that there is an industry of porn for trans women to star in. As the rules of the internet tell us, if it exists out there, there is porn of it (rule 34), and if there isn’t porn of it, then it will be created (rule 35). We are already going to be fetishized, no matter what, so if there are those who want to make money off of that industry who happen to be trans, such as the actresses, then I fully support them. At the same time, I will admit to being made uncomfortable with it on a regular basis, just based on the level of fetishization that occurs, including on the boxes. Continue reading


Black is Always the New Black

Butterfly WomanHey all, sorry I missed last week’s post. Orange is the New Black season 3 came out on Friday, and I’ve spent the last week marathoning through it as best I can to write about it today. There will be spoilers, obviously, so if you haven’t finished it, go do that and then come back. However, before I get to season 3, I wanted to address Orange is the New Black isn’t accurate little article that came through my feed earlier this week. For those who haven’t read it, it’s basically a list of four ways in which OitNB misrepresents women’s prisons in this country. Well, some of these criticisms are accurate, but some are based on information we simply don’t know. So let’s address those before addressing stuff from the new season. Continue reading

Special Tuesday Edition!

Angry Gamer GirlOk, so I missed last week, and I didn’t go into too much depth the week before because of the issues I was facing, so this week, I’ll be doing two posts, one today, the other on my normal Friday slot. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also using this blog as my journal for my activism class this semester, so I’ve been trying to stick more to my topic of legal issues trans people face than going off on some of my other, more colorful (and fun) discussions about gaming and the like. However, I think I can tie in some examples of gaming to my topic for today. Buckle yourselves in, because it is NOT going to be a happy one today. Lots of difficult stuff to discuss. Also, spoilers for any games I bring up today. You have been warned. Continue reading

My Tranifesto

Butterfly WomanIt’s been a couple weeks since I last wrote here, in large part because I’ve been too sick/in pain to do much. I’ve also started going back to school, and one of my classes this semester is a history and theory of activism class. This coming week, we’re doing readings over a number of famous and infamous manifestos of other groups. These include The Woman-Identified Woman (an early lesbian-feminist manifesto), the SCUM Manifesto (an extreme pro-female anti-male manifesto), and the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto. One of our ongoing assignments through the class is to have an “activism journal” where we discuss our learning from the class as well as our experiences with activism/volunteering over the course of the semester. So this week, I’m going to do my first post of such, a manifesto of my own (a tranifesto if you will, in honor of the late Matt Kailey). Continue reading

Our Own Failings

Butterfly WomanMany of you probably noticed that I failed to post last week, and am really late with today’s post as well. Well, that’s in large part because a lot of things have been happening. Last week, I started therapy for my borderline personality traits (not sure if I’m full on disorder or just borderline for it), as well as massive financial aid difficulties. This week, I started class finally, and it has been a DRAIN on my time. However, things should get settled back down soon and I’ll see about being more prompt in the future. Anyways, on to today’s topic.

I’m racist, sexist, ableist, etc., and so are you. Whoa, don’t go running off or ranting at me just yet. Yes, this is bad and we should feel bad, but I’m not comparing us to the Klan, Neo-Nazi’s, the Gamergate crowd, or any other such “figureheads” of hate. What I’m saying is that I was raised in a society where racism, sexism, etc. are institutionalized and a very fabric of our culture. Like it or not, we’ve been affected by these influences, and we all carry some form of those ideas within us, even if it is just awareness of them. This does not mean that we act on these ideas, merely that they are part of the culture that makes us who we are. Continue reading

Birthdays and Symbols

Happy birthday to my blog!

I just logged in to find out that today is my one year anniversary of running this blog, it’s tranniversary if you will. Interestingly enough, as my blog has it’s birthday, I was already planning on discussing some stuff from my most recent birthday and applying it to current and larger issues as well, so a beautiful bit of irony. First though, a little bit of discussion about symbols.

You see, symbols are simple ways of expressing complex concepts, much like labels. For example, the transgender symbol is a simple connection of a circle and a few lines, but it represents all forms of gender variance, from feminine females and masculine males, through feminine males and masculine females, all the way to genderqueer, transsexual, and other more traditionally trans* people. It speaks to all forms of gender expression and identity. Continue reading

Things Best Left Unsaid

Angry Gamer GirlSo yesterday, I was reading Matt’s post over at Tranifesto, and he was talking about a workshop a friend of his went to where there was an activity where the participants were to turn to one another and share something they wish they would never again hear in their lives. Matt thought it was a fun idea and played along, asking his readers to contribute as well.

This topic ended up coming up again later in the day as my friend Dori was telling me about the cissexist privilege she had to deal with in her women’s studies class that morning. Their final project was to interview a woman a certain number of years older than themselves, and a few weeks back, one of the girls in her class was bragging that she was going to interview a trans woman. The sheer level of cissexist privilege in that conversation prompted Dori to come out, which left her open to questioning, but she was completely ignored. This infuriated her so much that she blogged about it, and yesterday was the girl’s actual presentation. Continue reading