Far From Over

c2189-transgenderprideflagThose who follow the news have likely seen a number of events lately involving trans issues that seem to have gone in the favor of trans rights. I mentioned last week that the military here in the states is looking to repeal the ban on trans service members. Earlier this week, Brianna Wu wrote a piece about how Samus is most likely trans (which made me so very, very happy). A few weeks ago, when yet another trans woman was murdered, news outlets never once referred to her using her birth name or said “was born a man” or any other form of their typical misgendering. Sadly, those are all just one side of the issue. Continue reading


Growth and Changes

A few nights back, we had a discussion about sex (not safe sex, but sex as a pleasurable act) in one of my local groups. And a lot of the discussions we had during the evening, as well as some I’ve had with others recently, have really helped me figure myself out more in some ways, and confused the issue more in others.

For example, in talking about how there’s really no word for me and my attractions, it really came down that my attractions are based on personality type, and the personality type I like is very atypical of men here in the U.S., but not non-existent. Good examples of both cis men and women that are the kinds of people I like would be Neil Gaiman and Rachel Maddow: educated, continues to educate themselves, uses their intelligence rather than letting it go to waste, sensitive, open minded, etc. So in that regard, I guess I’m panromantic, just have a type that is rare in cis men. Continue reading